Beckett Bancorp Inc. is a merchant bank/private equity, incubator fund which acquires shares of mainly public companies in all sectors that are undervalued and have excellent growth potential, with a market cap in the $5-100 million range. It also assists the growth of these companies by providing the following services either directly or through its strategic partners:

– Assistance with sales and marketing,

– CRM software implementation to help improve the customer experience and increase revenue and profit by streamlining and automating all areas of the business,

– Mining off-take planning and negotiating,

– Professional Services:


      Stock Transfer Agent and AGM meetings,

      Bookkeeping and CFO

Beckett Bancorp invests primarily in companies at the time they are listed on the Richmond Club Index ( ) which has grown by an average of 20% per year since inception on July 1, 2005. The Richmond Club Index was established to identify undervalued, (due to minimal investor exposure), small cap companies with excellent growth potential listed on North American exchanges. Companies identified for inclusion in the index tend to expand their shareholder base by making presentations at Richmond Club events. The Richmond Club has over 550 members who are a mix of Investment Advisors, fund managers, analysts, and members of the media.

Beckett Bancorp plans to start the listing process of going public on a Canadian Stock Exchange when its NAV exceeds $5,000,000 which is expected by April 2018.